Assassination on command, in bitcoins: she thinks herself a Darknet baroness, it ends badly

Crime Does Not Pay With Bitcoin – Sadly, this is not the first time someone has sought to hire an assassin with Bitcoin Compass. On the other hand, as always, the attempt to recruit a hired killer ends badly: directly behind bars.

How to lose both your bitcoins and your freedom

As reported by the American media Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Kelly Harper , a 37-year-old woman from Columbus (Ohio) is accused of having sought to hire someone to commit a murder .

According to the complaint filed by the Western District Court of Wisconsin, it was journalists investigating the dark web who came across the morbid announcement and then notified the police .

The journalists transmitted messages to the police between a person (who turned out to be Kelly Harper after an FBI investigation) and the administrator of a site which (supposedly) put in contact with hitmen.

These exchanges provided detailed information on the victim (physical description, car, place of work, etc.).

And a message dated December 3, 2020 was very clear: „the target must be killed“

The Darknet site administrator then asked for proof that the sponsor could pay, and the sponsor responded with a screenshot of a Bitcoin wallet containing $ 5,633.87 of the famous cryptocurrency.

During her interrogation by the FBI, the accused confessed to having actually paid in bitcoin to have the targeted man killed. The bogus hitman did not perform the contract, but Kelly Harper is now in prison, awaiting trial where she risks up to 10 years.

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