Argentine Construction Chamber joins the Federal Blockchain

The Chamber of Construction of Argentina, announced through its portal, this August 10, 2020, its incorporation to Blockchain Federal Argentina, an open and participatory multi-service platform designed to integrate services and applications on blockchain.

Blockchain Federal Argentina, is an initiative in which different parties represent the Bitcoin Profit public sector, academia and the private sector, to form an infrastructure on which runs the first national platform for public use based on technology Blockchain, an innovative technology for validation and transactions of various kinds, as indicated on its website, the construction industry.

The statement also explains that, due to the characteristics of this technology, plus the attributes of interoperability and public and collaborative use with which this platform has been created, it is possible to run on it applications and systems that improve the processes of public and private sector organizations across the country.

The platform, designed to operate strictly without associated crypto-currency, works as an open space, to support development and contributions from all sectors of society. This multi-service platform uses a public, secure and immutable transaction log, which allows the use of vertical applications designed to make contracts, transactions and a host of other operations, in an environment that ensures efficiency, transparency and security.

Getting to know the BFA

Blockchain Federal Argentina (BFA), is the first federal multi-service platform based on Blockchain technology.

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This platform was conceived within a collaborative work space by the NIC Argentina, the Cámara Argentina de Internet – CABASE and the Asociación de Redes de Interconexión Universitaria (ARIU), ,aims to reproduce this pattern as a backbone, which proposes to take advantage of the intrinsic characteristics of distributive registries and to develop an open and collaborative ecosystem to integrate services and applications from the most diverse sectors.

BFA opts for a strategy where the participation of the whole community is essential, from organizational engineering to infrastructure deployment, maintaining a governance model that ensures the representation of all sectors, in decision making.

Blockchain Federal Argentina, is a public platform, where individuals, agencies, institutions or companies from any sector interested in deploying applications and services can join and take advantage of all the features it offers.

How it works

The BFA is specifically designed to have no associated cryptomone currency. It opts for a model that enables a low cost, both in processing and in energy consumption and is based on Ethereum technology, one of the most widespread public blockchains at international level.

Blockchain Federal Argentina, as it does not have an associated crypto-currency, and structure the network under the Authority Test model, transactions in BFA are free. The „fuel“ or gas (Ether) needed to perform them will be provided, without any associated cost, by the BFA and is sent periodically through a space operated by the organization called Distillery.

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The platform software is based on an open and robust implementation. All modifications and developments will be equally open, so that they can be publicly audited by any interested party, even if they are not participants in the consortium.

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